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I’m Michelle, thanks for taking a look at my website and I’m guessing the fact you clicked on about me you would like to know a little about my story…..

I started veterinary nurse career in a mixed practice in Somerset before eventually moving to a referral hospital in London. I loved the nutrition part of the job, so I took the plunge into the corporate world and started work for a global pet nutrition company. I learnt a huge amount and also gained the City and Guilds Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition.

I’d always known the importance of food in health, the classic saying, “you are what you eat”, but if I’m honest I never put a massive focus on diet. I always just enjoyed what I liked within moderation.

However, following some personal health issues, I started to learn more about the power of nutrition on the human side as well as for our four legged friends.

About the same time, I also took the decision to turn one of my hobbies into a part-time job by qualifying as a Group Exercise Instructor and a Les Mills Bodypump Instructor. At the time I never knew how much of a passion (some people might even say an obsession) this would turn into!

Fast forward, I left the corporate life behind and jumped with both feet into the health and wellness industry. I wanted to expand my knowledge further and develop the skills to help individuals, not just for group exercise. So I took the next steps in my career, qualifying as a Personal Trainer, gaining my Diploma in Exercise Referral and Level 4 Certificate in Physical Activity & Weight Management for Obese and Diabetic Clients. To crown it all, this is when I started Atlantic Fitness Ltd!

While I was busy studying for my qualifications, a good friend introduced me to Arbonne, which is a network marketing company. I kept ignoring this for quite a while, thinking it wasn’t for me or the time wasn’t right. My friend is persistent though, so it finally got to the point where I thought I needed to do my own research. I wanted to understand the products more and feel educated enough to say Arbonne was or wasn’t for me.

What I discovered during my research was that the products are amazing and can make great differences to your health and wellbeing. 

Now in 2020 I’m living with my husband, our little boy and two dogs, walking distance from the beach in Cornwall. I’m helping people make sustainable lifestyle changes, achieve their personal goals by becoming healthier, looking and feeling fabulous from the inside out.

  • Help women look and feel amazing from the inside out, while juggling family life
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